May 9, 2022

8 Simple Web Design Errors That Damage SEO

web design errors that damage seo

For any business, a website is the key to reaching potential customers, and SEO plays a crucial role to discover your website in the major search engines. A good designer is not only a person who builds stunning websites but also knows about the latest trends and SEO guidelines to make your business more profitable. Compromising on SEO is like building a business without any marketing or strategies to generate more revenue. As a website owner, you should know about some mistakes that can negatively impact your business. Read on to know some of the common web design errors that can damage the SEO of your website.

Web Design Errors To Avoid

Following are some of the common web design errors committed by designers that might damage and have a negative impact on SEO

1. Poor Website Navigation

The design of a website is not complete if your customers do not easily navigate it. The poor website navigation makes it difficult for the users to search for products and search engines to index the pages. If search engines do not index the pages, your pages are not visible in search results, making it difficult to find you online. Hence, a good navigation design that is easy to use on both desktop/ laptop and mobile/ tablet devices will make the site visitors and search engines happy.

2. Slow Page Load Speed

People in this generation need everything to be completed at lightning speed, and if your website loads slowly, then no customer will ever visit your website. If other sites have the same information or products and load faster, your clients will automatically shift to that website, and you will lose business. While there are many reasons for slow loading speed, the theme selected for your site might be the reason for slow speed. As a designer, you must know themes that load faster.

3. Non-Mobile Friendly Site

A responsive web design will gain more users and traffic and load faster on all types of devices. While most people are looking for mobiles to access all websites, designing a non-responsive site could be a big mistake. Moreover, Google’s mobile-first indexing policy and mobile usability algorithms reward a responsive website more than an optimized, non-responsive website. Every designer should strictly follow Responsive design, and business owners must check their website on all possible devices for proper navigation.

4. Large Images and Media Files

As a business owner, you might be tempted to include high-quality images for your website. But it is a fact that images can actually slow down the site, and the use of media files on your website can also affect the loading speed. If you have any doubt about the loading speed of your website, then run your site through Google Page Speed Insights Test and check for images that are too large.

5. Missing H1 and Other Paragraph Heading Tags

Most web designers do not care about content with proper heading and paragraph tags. The H1 tag is important for any website identified by crawlers to decide the page intent. Targeting the relevant keyword in the H1 tag will help in SEO ranking, and at the same time, paragraph tags also need to be marked up with other heading tags.

6. Duplicate Content

These days content is regarded as the best weapon in online marketing. Most business owners fail to understand the importance of content and create content using online spinning tools. These duplicate or spun content creates many problems for the website as the Google Panda Algorithm detects these duplicate content and penalizes your website. The success of SEO depends on well-researched content, and Google also rewards long content by placing them on the top of search results. While including content for your website, it is also advised to include internal links as they help visitors go to other related pages and increase the crawling rate of bots.

7. Website Is Not Secure

Not having an SSL certificate is a Red mark in SEO and can seriously affect visitors. Google often sends warning messages about not having an SSL or HTTPS certificate. Most hosting companies offer free SSL certificates, and they should be installed on your website.

8. Missing Call to Actions

Missing a clear Call to Action means you have no clear idea where to send your customer. Do not forget to set CTA as goals in Googe Analytics to understand your conversions better.


In website design, detailed planning and the proper implementation are required to improve your site’s performance. The design is to be done for any website, keeping customers focused but not the products. At Mediafy, we have professional designers who invest time and resources in designing websites for your business to increase organic ranking and improve conversion ratio. Contact us for more information.

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