I’ve been promoting businesses online since 2003. It didn’t start as easy as most people thought but here’s my quick story. In the early 2000’s I was working on a research project online and kept finding a company name “Fabulous Savings” on the top of Google. I kept wondering how was this possible and imagining the potential of knowing this skill.

Next day I went to their office and ask if I could speak to the owner, and well that didn’t go as plan and they kicked me out. I couldn’t take No for an answer so kept going again and again till the owner said yes.

In 2005 I partnered with Fabulous and open an agency offering SEO, Websites and Marketing services and the rest is history.

I knew along the way I needed to stay relevant and accepted roles like Growth Manager for JustEat (Canada), Business Intelligence for (UBC) University of British Columbia and especially love my role as head of marketing for a Live Streaming App “PocketLIVE”.

In 2018, I launch my new agency named “Mediafy” focusing on SEO, eCommerce and Mobile Applications with a special add on services “Story Telling” which is partnered with Erik Chen, the Creative Director from “Authentic Filmworks” for Video Production. Check out his video HERE and let us know what you think.

With that all being said, I have decided to try something new and start making video’s on marketing tips and tricks with helpful business strategies that have worked for me and that I can share with you.

  • Projects 500+
  • Years of Experience 10+
  • Mediafy Website Generates 20M+

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