July 28, 2022

Importance of Responsive Web Design

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The rise of mobile traffic has made Google release a new search engine algorithm to include mobile-friendliness as one of the ranking factors. The mobile-friendly algorithm was designed to give a boost to the web pages in search results that are mobile-friendly. As a result of this algorithm, websites that are not mobile-friendly started to experience a decline in search results. The rise in mobile internet users is one of the main reasons for all websites to become responsive, and this factor has also become the trend in the web development process. If you are a business person looking to develop a website for your business, read on to know the importance of responsive web design for your site.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a simple way of putting together a website so that all the content and design are automatically scaled according to the screen size on which the website is browsed. When the website is not responsive, it becomes difficult for the user to navigate the site, and potential customers might get frustrated and not visit your site again. The ultimate goal of any responsive design is to avoid unnecessary zooming, scaling, resizing, or panning for sites that have not been optimized for various devices.

Responsive design also replaces the need for designing the site according to the various sizes of screens used for viewing the site. Instead of designing multiple websites, responsive design scales itself down or up to match the size of the device used for website viewing.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design benefits your business by positively impacting your search results and improving traffic to your site. Here are some of the benefits and importance of having a responsive web design for your business.

1. Improved User Experience

A responsive website design gives all users the same experience regardless of the device they use for browsing the site. As the site is responsive, the content and images are scaled according to the device’s size, so all users find it easy to navigate and stay on your site for a longer time.

2. Increase In Traffic

As per statistics, almost half of the traffic comes from mobile devices. The increase in traffic from mobiles shows the importance of responsive web design, and it is also crucial that your website renders properly on all mobile devices. By implementing responsive design, you will automatically experience an increase in the traffic and duration of time visitors spend.

3. Faster Loading Times

Websites are built with responsive images and fluid grids, facilitating faster loading of web pages, which positively impacts the duration of your website visitors. Responsive websites load faster on all types of devices as all the images are optimized to load faster. People do not like to visit websites that load slowly and also abandon those sites.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

People are getting used to shopping on mobiles, and according to statistics, conversion rates are about 64 percent more on Smartphones than on desktop websites. Users get frustrated being redirected whenever they want to subscribe to a service, whether signing up for your newsletters or purchasing.

5. Cost Effectiveness

There is no separate site for desktop and mobile users for any responsive website. As there is only one site for all users and devices, it is needed to invest only in a single site that can be viewed on all types of devices, thus saving your money in designing the site.

6. Flexibility

The huge advantage of responsive design is that you can make a quick design change within a short time. The changes can be made quickly and easily for any responsive website design. As there is only one website, you need not worry about making changes on two types of websites at a time.

7. SEO Advantage

Most companies use SEO strategies to boost their rankings in Google search results. Responsive design can help improve Google rankings as preference is given to mobile-friendly websites. In combination with other SEO factors, responsive design can greatly improve your site’s rankings in search results.


A modern and mobile-friendly website is most important for increasing sales and growing business websites. Responsive design for your website allows free data flow on all types of screen resolutions and provides a great look on mobiles. If you are a business person looking to build a responsive website design for your company, you need to contact an experienced web designing Company. At Mediafy, we have experienced professionals for designing a responsive website for your business. Contact us for more details.

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