Case Study

The Natural Energy Supplement, Reimagined

Developed as a healthy caffeine alternative, Eagle Energy is the first and only inhalable energy supplement to boost energy with natural, plant-based ingredients, including guarana, ginseng, and vitamin B12. Safe, effective, and easy to use—welcome to the future of caffeine.

The Challenge

Missing the overall marketing plan including team members goals with marketing initiatives to create a more collaborative environment with tools to track results more efficiently.

Much of the Advertising dollars were being wasted with little to no results despite the heavy investments of wrong media and ad spends with little to no tracking. The website sales suffered due to the slow shopping experience with too many checkouts steps to pay.


We met periodically with the team to create an overall plan to support each person of the business and to gather feedback with solutions to execute. Within 3 month we fix the websites checkout issues to now convert mobile users quickly plus add on features of cart abandonment and email capturing for retargeting. Analyzed all marketing and ad spends to hone into the best audiences to invest in and key media investments for the best results.

Now Eagle Energy online store is penetrating their target audiences, reaching a wider market and increase their sales with an improved online shopping experience.


  • 238%

    Increase in Online Sales

  • +1000's

    Newsletter Subscribers

  • 46%

    Increase in Reorders


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