October 17, 2022

How To Grow Your Email List Fast?

How To Grow Your Email List Fast - Mediafy

Digital marketing is growing yearly, and new technologies and strategies are introduced to grow your revenue and customers. Email marketing is one of the most opted strategies for getting closer to customers and is also an organic way to attract more traffic to online stores. For any eCommerce business, collecting and maintaining an email database is not an easy task, especially when you aim to get organic data. While there are methods like buying email lists or borrowing lists, which can be much easier but in the long run, you may end up annoying people on the list and also increase unsubscription rates. Growing an email list organically takes time, energy, and money, but the results can always be amazing. If you are one of the business owners looking to grow your online sales, read to learn how to grow your email list fast to get better results.

What Is An Email List?

An email or subscriber list is a collection of emails or subscriptions for your online store. Through email marketing, you can send the users information regarding new products, launches, and offers in your store. Email marketing is a huge asset for any business, as this strategy is 40 times more effective than social media or paid marketing. Even though most customers visiting your site do not have emails, this marketing strategy can retain or gain new customers.

Ways To Grow Your Email List Fast

Here are some of the ways to grow your email list fast in an organic way

1. Segment Your Lists

Once you understand who your audience is, you can segment them into groups – for example, by age, location or buyer behaviour – and send emails based on those groups, making your messages more targeted to each part of your audience for a more positive effect.

2. Create Unique Content For Promotional Mail

To retain or gain more users, you must create unique content for promotional mail to subscribers. The emails should be informative, attractive, and valuable so that users will be enthusiastic about visiting your online store. If the content in your mail is informative, then there is a chance that users will forward the same to other groups. When your content is shared with many users, then there is a chance to gain more exposure and additional subscribers.

3. Posts On Instagram

To grow an email list, you need to be active on Instagram to give information about your eCommerce store. While posting on Instagram, it is impossible to add links to the post, so using Instagram is recommended to include an email signup link in the Instagram bio. On Instagram, there is an option to schedule posts and upload photos and videos. Another option is adding a Landing page to your Instagram bio.

4. Incentives And Personalized Offers For Subscribers

Free opt-in incentives are one of the best ways to grow your email list fast. Always consider what appeals more to your customers and design offers and discounts for subscribing to your email list. As an incentive, you might give more discounts for people who refer their friends or relatives to buy in your store. Most customers like to be treated as special people, so you need to send personalized emails to them.

5. Make Freebies More Attractive Than Competitors

Even if you make an offer, it might not get into a lead or purchase because of a better offer sent by your competitor. Some people will constantly look for offers; you can attract them by offering freebies better than your competitor.

6. Make Sure That Your Email Contains a Signup Button

It is natural for any customer to read your mail and forget about the matter. There might be some incidents where your mail can be forwarded to friends or relatives. You can add a signup button in the mail itself so that customers can make the subscription in no time.

7. Asking For Feedback From Visitors

Visitors who have browsed your online store would like to give reviews and feedback. So you can provide a feedback form at the end seeking their valuable suggestions. While giving feedback, do not forget to make the email address a required field so that customers will provide their email. Once the feedback is registered, you can also send thank you mail to customers for giving their valuable time and suggestions for improvement of the online store.

8. Utilize Facebook Groups To Collecting Emails

Facebook groups can always be the best way to grow your email list quickly. As part of the joining process, you can ask customers to give their mail-id in exchange for regular information on offers on your site.

9. Time To Promote Online Content

Use social media to conduct a free webinar or meeting to discuss your products and new launches. While hosting the event, make it necessary to signup with email-id. You can also encourage your social media or Facebook followers to participate in the online event by signing up by email.

10. Design An Email Newsletter As Profile Cover Photo

Your Facebook profile cover photos are a great place to call attention to something specific, especially your email newsletter. For your Facebook page, create high-quality content that attracts more users, and at the same time, you could ask users to submit their emails to get more benefits from your eCommerce store.

11. Adding Engagement Features To YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel has become necessary for any website or business to promote its products through videos. While making videos, some tools allow you to add promotional links or links to your website to get more visits to your online store. Viewers can also use their emails to sign-up for the landing page in the description to get more offers.

12. Use Blogging To Get Emails

Promoting content or providing valuable information through your blog can also be seen as one of the best ways to grow your email list fast. Your blog will not only pass information to users but also give them a chance to make comments or reviews. While writing reviews or comments, ensure the email address is a required field.

13. Be Consistent In Collecting Emails

Although you implement all strategies, never expect to grow your email list fast or have a massive list overnight. Building an email list takes time, but effective marketing tactics can always be useful in building up a large email list over time.

14. Participate In Trade Shows

Another way to grow your email list fast and easily is to participate in trade shows. At the trade show, there is an option to display all your products and also collect emails and addresses from visitors by sharing pamphlets or brochures.

15. Use Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads help in driving traffic to your online store. Paid search ads can also be used to collect emails from visitors so you can grow your email list in fast way. Ensure your paid advertisement targets the right audience and has information about your products and company.

What To Avoid While Building Email List?

Even though email is the basis for email marketing, there is also some specific etiquette to be followed in the marketing process. Here are some of the basic rules to be followed

  • Do Not Try to Buy Email Lists
  • Adding Emails without permission
  • Asking for Too Much Information
  • Offering Incentives that are not valuable
  • Using a Stolen email address
  • Never Skip the Welcome email
  • Using paid advertisements frequently or too early
  • Sending Emails with no specific goals
  • Sending Too many or too few emails
  • Being Disingenuous


When your goal is to reach more people, you need to grow your email list quickly and organically. Building your email list could take time, but the best thing you could do is focus on marketing strategies and reach as many people as possible. By implementing the right strategies, you can see your email list growing significantly and continue to give leads to your eCommerce business. As a business owner, it isn’t easy to manage the online store and collect the emails at a time, so you need to talk to a digital marketing expert company. At Mediafy, we have over 10 years of experience in implementing various marketing strategies for all types of eCommerce businesses. Contact us for more details.

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