April 5, 2023

Leveraging Product Reviews for eCommerce SEO

Leveraging Product Reviews for eCommerce SEO - Mediafy

Reviews play a prominent role in eCommerce SEO. The keywords related to the product rate your website higher in the Google rankings. According to a study, more than 90% of customers visit the website after reading reviews. 31% of customers will likely spend more on businesses with excellent reviews. 70-75% of consumers take action only after reading a positive review. Let us look at some more ways how leveraging product reviews for eCommerce SEO.

How to Leverage Product Reviews for eCommerce SEO?

1. Reviews With Long Tail Keywords Generate Traffic On Your Website

There is no need to add any different specific keyword to make your website rank higher or attain traffic. Customers’ product reviews provide you with specific long-tail keywords that are specific and consistently focused on products. This increases the chances of future customers finding your page when they use similar grammatical language for the product.

2. Encouraging Customers to Write Product Reviews

Make sure to keep it simple with the least touchpoints and minimum fields to fill. Every time a customer buys a product, prompt them to leave a review during checkout as a popup or a mail. Or you can offer them some discounts or coupons in exchange for reviews. These steps increase the number of customers and will impact many people to visit your website regularly.

3. Create a Dedicated Product Review Page

The brands with a dedicated customer review page rank much higher than others on browser search results, and they drive more traffic to the website. A review page contains all the customer’s feedback and review in one place. Having a review page for your eCommerce website builds customer trust, acts as social proof, and makes information easy to find. The reviews page increases the traffic because of SEO-oriented keywords used by customers.

4. Responding to Customer Review

Responding to customers’ positive and negative reviews is worth the effort. It increases the keywords that can increase the SERP ranking of your website. From the customer’s perspective, it increases the credibility of your website if the customer gets a response back from the eCommerce website. This is a significant way to increase your eCommerce website ranking on browsers.

5. Incorporating Reviews Into Social Sharing Strategy

As per research, 92% of customers take recommendations from family, friends, and all sorts of advertising. So, social media is a great way to spread word of mouth for your business. Web browsers support social sharing, and incorporating reviews with your social sharing increases traffic. Undoubtedly, it will drive your sales much higher.

6. Reviews Increases Traffic on your eCommerce Website

Reviews act as a powerful SEO booster for your eCommerce website. Reviews generate traffic and lead to a higher conversion rate. Even before a customer visits your website, they go through reviews of the products and decide whether to purchase the product or not through your website. Always encourage the customer to post a review on the product and reward them with coupons and discounts. This will increase the repeated customer rate and generate good word of mouth among customers, automatically increasing traffic.

7. Optimizing Customer Submitted Visual Content Within the Product Review Page

Customers who have submitted photos and videos of your products as reviews with text describing the product and experience with the product play an important role in gaining customers’ confidence. According to a survey, 88% of customers look for a visual of the product submitted by other customers. More than 44% believe that customer-submitted product photos and videos are more valuable than the claims of retailers and brands. Products with visual content and reviews have 69% more chances to be bought by customers. Also, make sure it is easier for the customers to upload a photo or video of the product from any mobile device.


Product reviews play a prominent role in SEO. The keywords customers use can rate your eCommerce website higher in search results. Optimizing the product review page can lead to decent traffic on your eCommerce website in no time. Mediafy provides complete services for SEO and Digital Marketing. Our team of highly skilled professionals takes care care of optimizing eCommerce websites to generate more traffic. Contact us for a free consultation on SEO and Digital Marketing.

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