November 9, 2022

Why Google My Business Is Important For Local SEO?

Why Google My Business Is Important For Local SEO - Mediafy

Many businesses compete online to get an opportunity to serve customers and make them buy their products or services. You need to get your business listed in local directories for better reach when you are a local store or service provider. Local SEO is important in promoting products or services and getting more leads for any business. When going for local listings, the main one in the list is the Google my business listing. As most of the SEO tasks are done by keeping the Google search engine in mind, making a listing in Google my business is also very crucial. If you are a local business looking to get more leads, read this article to know why Google my business is important for local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a type of optimization that helps your business to be found in local search engine results when a customer searches for a particular product or service. Using local SEO, your business can appear in the search results when people search for products or services related to your business. For making a local approach, people can use words like “near me” and search for “gift shops near me.”

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that can be used by any business to establish themselves on Google local search and maps. It is as simple as adding the relevant information like the Name of the business, phone number, address, contact information, website links, and other information. When a customer searches for words related to their business, all the information stored in Google my business is pulled out and displayed in the search results. Google my business is the best option for all local business people who want to gain more clients after better optimization in local search listings.

Where is Google My Business Listings Shown?

Where is Google My Business Listings Shown

When a customer searches for a particular keyword, then right below the ads, the top 3 local listings are displayed with details. Once the results are displayed, clicking on the local Google my business listing will give all the details like address, phone number, products list and additional information. You can click on more places for more results, so the list will be expanded to reveal more business listings.

How to Create Google My Business Listing?

To create a Google my business listing, here are the steps to be followed.

STEP 1:  Visit the Google page first.

STEP 2: First, type your business name (to claim an existing business) or click on Add your business to create a new one.

STEP 3: Now enter the business name and click on next.

STEP 4: Select the relevant business category and add the other business details

STEP 5: Add the place of your business so that local users can identify it

STEP 6: Give details of other places which you also serve

STEP 7: Include contact details like phone number, address, and website URL

STEP 8: Finish the business listing, and within 14 days, you will receive a verification postcard to the provided business address.

STEP 9: For some businesses, the verification is done through email, phone, or search console.

How Google My Business Impacts Local SEO?

According to surveys, Google My business continues to be the biggest driver of all leads to any business and also impacts the local SEO success. Google always tries to give the best results based on the keyword searched for and keeping the search location in mind. The main factors that determine the ranking of your business locally are

  • Distance of the searcher from your business
  • The prominence of your business
  • Relevance of the business

For success in Local SEO, it is crucial to have an SEO-friendly website with usable content. Google My Business can help determine your local rank. In addition to benefits in Local SEO, Google my business also certifies that your business is real and trustworthy, as all your details are verified

Tips To Get Maximum Results from Google My Business

Here are some of the tips to get maximum leverage and potential from your Google My Business listing

  • Always maintain consistency in your contact information and make sure that details like Name, phone number, address, and website are present.
  • Try to choose the business category that best describes your products or services
  • Use attractive photos to give a potential feeling to your customers
  • Reviews play an important role in the progress of your business.
  • Always try to give response to reviews given by your customers
  • Use special options available in Google my business to maintain your business
  • Keep updating information related to your business regularly


As most people, today rely on the internet to get information, Google my business listing helps make themselves visible to all potential customers in a specific geographical area. For generating more leads and revenue, local SEO plays a crucial role in positively impacting clients’ minds. If you are a business owner looking to implement the best SEO practices for your website, you need to talk to experts. At Mediafy, we have about 10 years of experience in building SEO strategies for local businesses. Contact us for more details.

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