December 5, 2022

What Is A Call To Action In Digital Marketing?

What Is A Call To Action In Digital Marketing - Mediafy

Any business does not create a website casually, instead, they want people to visit the website to make appointments, make purchases, and buy something. The process of buying from a website can be made simple by demonstrating something that visitors can like. There are many ways to make the buying process simple for the audience, among them, call-to-action is mostly used. Call to action can help visitors to move in the right direction when visiting your website for the first time. If you are a business owner looking to build a website that attracts more visitors, read on to learn what is a call to action in digital marketing is and how it can be used to get better results.

What is a Call to action?

A Call-to-action in digital marketing can be defined as a piece of content that prompts the user for an immediate response. The CTAs are mostly a string of words that influence the user to buy or take a subscription, download an e-book, sign up for a webinar, attend an event, or get a coupon for visiting the website. The common call-to-action word for websites is “click me,” which can be placed on any part of the website or e-book or at the end of the blog.

What is the Purpose of CTAs?

The main purpose of a call to action is to make the users get involved in the website activities and convert them into genuine leads who can do business with your company. A strong CTA can be used to get your audience deeper into your content and later into your sales funnel, and at the same time, the customers can be made your future leads by signing newsletters. Once any customer has used the CTA on your website, there is an interest in the user’s mind, and they will also start asking questions about the products or services offered by your company. Once the questions are raised, you can give a reply that convinces the users to make purchases from your website.

Tips for Writing Effective Call to Action

While writing a call to action for your website, here are some of the tips that can be useful

1. Start with a strong verb

A call to action should always be understood easily by all the readers, so it is advised to use a strong verb while writing a call to action.

2. Use words that provoke enthusiasm

For any user, emotions are the main deciders on what to do, and digital marketing experts rightfully use these emotions to influence the user’s decision. A simple use of words or exclamation in the Call to action in digital marketing can provoke enthusiasm or interest in users’ minds.

3. Include a reason

Your CTA must have a reason for making the users click on it. A simple word like “click me” cannot be a valid reason. Using words like “join our mailing list” or “receive exclusive coupon” can be why visitors click on CTA.

4. Use CTA according to the device

The call to action must be used depending on your website’s platform. For example, a call to action like “click to call” would be perfect for mobiles but not for desktop users.

5. Be more creative

Simple text links, images, or flowery wordings can be used as a call to action in the digital marketing of your website. Regardless of your CTA, it is important to check once and go for the best one.

6. Take advantage of the “Fear Of Missing Opportunity.

Fear of missing the opportunity is the simple trick played using a call to action in digital marketing. Simple CTAs like “Buy now, only 3 stocks left” can create a fear of losing the offer in users’ minds. Another prominently used CTA is promos with a timer on it, and digital marketers also use words like “join our mailing list along with 50000 other business owners” to attract more users.

7. Always match your message on CTA

Never make fake promises on your website, especially on call-to-action buttons. This means that it redirects to the page that the user is expecting. If your text on CTA is “click to download an e-book,” then it should redirect to the concerned page only and nothing else.

8. Use numbers if possible

Users love numbers and get attracted to call to action that uses numbers. For any company, success is defined in specific numbers, and a call to action in digital marketing can use these numbers to create interest in users’ minds.

Some examples of Call to action in Digital Marketing

A call to action can take different forms depending on the context of the website. Here are some examples of call to actions

For Blogs

  • Read more articles
  • Sign-up for newsletter
  • Share on social media
  • Be our sponsor

For B2B Company

  • Free Trial of products
  • Contact Sales
  • Get Started
  • Sign-up

For eCommerce Websites

  • Checkout
  • Add to wish list
  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Now


Now that you know what is a call to action in digital marketing is, it is time to implement the same on your website to attract more users and generate leads for your site. To implement the best CTAs, you need compelling content to make users click on the buttons. Compared to normal websites, call-to-action buttons are very important for eCommerce websites. An effective call to action can turn a struggling website into a profitable business. Besides designers, digital marketing experts should also take care while inserting a call to action on the website. To learn more digital marketing techniques for increasing leads and revenue for your eCommerce website, you need to take the help of digital marketing experts. At Mediafy, we have many experienced digital marketers who help your business. Contact us today for more details.

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