December 29, 2022

Social Proof in Digital Marketing

Social Proof in Digital Marketing - Mediafy

Social proof gives a demonstration for the users on how many people have made the purchases, views of products, and testimonials. Social proof also makes it comfortable with making decisions regarding purchases from a specific online store and simultaneously makes the purchasers an integral part of the conversations. Social proofs for an online business include its social media followers, product reviews, and blog posts or news articles that mention the company. If you are a business entrepreneur, read this article to know the importance of social proof in digital marketing.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where individuals try to copy others’ behaviour. This behaviour is responsible for a buzz that follows success and popularity. The principle is applied by people who need help with how to behave or are unsure of what to trust. The term Social Proof was first used in 1984 by Robert Cialdini in his popular book “Influence.” in the present generation, Social proof influences preferences and choices.

Why is Social Proof Important?

The main question that arises in the minds of business owners is why to incorporate social proof into marketing and how it can help build a strategy for increasing sales of any business. Here are some of the reasons that tell the importance of social proof.

  • 83% of consumers recommend a brand to friends or relatives they follow on social media
  • It has become a habit for 91% of users to read reviews before shopping
  • 82% of people take recommendations from family members and friends to make any purchase.

From the above reasons, it is evident that social proof helps improve sales and revenue for any online business.

Basic Types of Social Proof in Digital Marketing

There are six types of social proof in digital marketing, and you must choose the best among them based on your specific industry and the goals set by your company.

1. Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to increase sales or close big deals for any company. B2B marketing companies can use case studies to analyze the software, product, or service provided to the customers. Case studies can also be used to showcase the weekly results of the company. Creating a page dedicated to sharing case studies can be a great way to show your social proof in digital marketing and also ensure the enthusiastic participation of your customers.

2. Testimonials and Reviews

Each business gets online reviews and testimonials, but companies need to think of sharing them on various social media platforms. Reviews and testimonials are the best examples of social proof, letting users know what other people think about your company. Always make it a point to include reviews and testimonials on your website, which draw customers’ attention. When your product gets a review, respond to the review or testimonial given by the user, which makes the customer feel that you care about their experiences and views.

3. Social Media Posts

Customers are getting used to social media and posting everything in the form of tweets or posts. When your current customers share their views about your products on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it becomes an effective social proof for your B2C Company. It is recommended to save all the positive feedback and integrate it onto your website, so many customers can read the posts about your products.

4. Trust Icons

When your company gets recognized by famous Tech giants or local listings, it is recommended to add their icon to your landing pages to get more views. If your company belongs to Better Business Bureau, get their logo added to your website. Logos and icons may not be seen as social influencers, but they can deeply impact the reviews or testimonials given to your company. Instead of adding icons or names, try to add snippets of reviews published on the website.

5. Data or Numbers

Users always fancy numbers, and a single number can be worth of thousand words. A combination of words and numbers can deeply impact the thoughts of users trying to make purchases from your site. Use simple sentences such as “X users have already tried our product, and most of them love it.

6. Social Proof Activity

Showing the number of people using your product can deeply impact the minds of other people visiting your site. Most eCommerce websites display the actual number of people using the site and also give the statistics of how many people have served till now. Using sentences like “Not only X people have been using our products, but Y people are ready to make purchases’ can make your social proof more trustworthy and persuasive to the customers.

How to get Social Proof for your Products or Services?

If your company is established in the market, there might be reviews or testimonials for your product or service. What if your product is launching into the market, and you need reviews or social proof to take the product to customers? Here are some of the suggestions that can be considered for new products.

  • First, it is okay to have no testimonials or reviews for a new product. You can get some reviews after launching the same into the market.
  • Try to give free samples to customers and take feedback
  • Instead of having someone talk about a product, use some famous quotations to attract users.
  • Get the details of freelancers or bloggers and ask them to promote your products on their websites.


Social proof is not a new marketing phenomenon; it has been used by many eCommerce giants like Amazon or Flipkart to attract more users and generate leads. Most bartenders admit that they have been keeping tips in their tip jars at the beginning of an event to encourage generous tipping. For any company to get more leads to their eCommerce store, it needs to focus on social proof in digital marketing. Contact an expert digital marketing agency for more digital marketing ideas. At Mediafy, we have over 20 years of experience developing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses. Contact us for more details.

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