March 13, 2023

The Rise Of Tiktok And Short-form Video Content

The Rise Of Tiktok And Short-form Video Content - Mediafy

Videos are a great way to connect and provide entertainment to consumers, but the attention span is shrinking quite aggressively. The rise of Tiktiok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts have created an opportunity for the brands to tell their stories in a very short time. For brands, these short videos lead consumers from being watchers to consumers. The short-form video has been growing rapidly since 2020. It has caused other platforms to integrate a feature that allows short-form video content creation.

Why is Short-form Video Content Necessary For Small Businesses?

1. Gathers Customers Through More Engagement

15-30 seconds videos are easy to create and more likely to capture viewers’ attention for longer. The algorithm works as if a video is played for a longer period, boosting the content to a wider audience. This boost often leads to a higher engagement rate.

2. Perfect Strategy for Brand Awareness

Tiktok and reels allow brands to create a high-quality promotional video that can save time and money, which was used to create an advertisement. Reels and Tiktok have emerged as the go-to option for any brand to create awareness among Gen Z and Millennials.

3. Increases the Sales

Most social media users claim they purchase a product after watching a short-form video from the brand. This turns out to be more engaging to customers through short-form videos which lead to purchases. This strategic plan implementation allows brands to experiment with showcasing their product and services.

4. Increases Customer Engagement Across Platforms

A short-form video can be posted across multiple platforms to increase engagement among customers and consumers. Each platform, such as Tiktok, Instagram reels, Facebook stories, Pinterest videos, and more, has a different audience set, leading to better reach and better reach to provide a better return on investment.

Insights of Short-form Video Content

Encouragement of Creator and Viewer Participation

As short-form videos are easier to produce, creators can try new ideas faster than they could do in long-form video content. The short-form video content has given leisure to creators to create the content in a very simple manner. There is little effort needed to edit the content because the software has all the editing options integrated with it and is easy to use. This ease lets the creators get more engaged with the short-form video format and attracts more viewers to get involved.

Tailored Content

With the help of machine learning and complex algorithms, the viewers see what they opt for. Based on their activity, these short-form platforms push the content more relevant to the viewer’s interest. This leads to the creation of diverse content by the creators to keep the viewers more engaged towards them.

Universally Accessible Content

The popularity of short-form videos will continue to rise. The short-form video doesn’t require any language to understand the video’s visual content. It will cater to a unique video viewing experience for the viewers. This leads to acquiring and reaching more global audiences without any geographical barriers.

Free to Access Content

Short-form video content platform is an alternative for viewers who don’t want to spend money on subscriptions. The short-form video platform relies on advertising rather than subscriptions. This may result in wider engagement and brand endorsements with products that will benefit the creators and easier reach for brands to reach audiences through their favourite creators.


Short-form video content is on the rise across the globe. The increasing popularity of Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms attracted a lot of brands to create and deliver short-form videos to a wider audience. At Mediafy, we offer short-form video marketing consultation and incorporation of short-form video in your marketing strategy. For a free consultation, contact us here.

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